Sunday, August 21, 2011

On Stage with Elliott Brood at Wapiti Weekend in Fernie.

As I fight dozing off at 9:15 on this warm Sunday evening, I keep myself awake thinking of the fun we had this weekend. Played at Annie and Adam's wedding on Thursday, and those East Coaster's started our weekend with a bang. Then we played Wapiti on Friday night, which was amazing. Congratulations to everyone involved for putting on such an amazing festival. We were thrilled to have been a part of a festival that we're sure is going to go strong for years and years to come. Then we hit up the ski hill for the NOS Gravity Festival, and finished off today with Shred Kelly's first "kid inspired" set. (which with my preschool teaching background, was certainly a highlight for me.) Thanks to the organizers of Bippity Boppity Boo for being so amazing and making sure those little ones could have the time of their lives too on this busy busy weekend!

However, I'm sure the band can all agree that being invited onstage with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and ELLIOTT BROOD were what made the weekend for us!

Can you tell we're a little stoked?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Elliott Brood in Nelson and Whistler.

It has been a dream of ours to open for the Legendary Elliott Brood for some time now. And that dream came true in Nelson and Whistler this past week. They are the three most amazing, kind and friendly guys ever, and they slayed both towns with their amazing repetoire and new songs. Everytime we see them we are blown away. It was an honor to share a stage with such talented musicians. Too bad Tim got the beaver fever.

Elliott Brood killin it at the Spiritbar in Nelson BC.

Can you spy Tim and Jeremy rockin out at the GLC in Whistler?

Kispiox Valley Music Festival!

Another Festival! Bloody awesome. None of us have ever been so far north, and I ask, why not? Friendly people, beautiful landscape, great times were all on the agenda. So I don't think we will wait another lifetime to venture North. Thanks again to everyone who made Kispiox Valley Music Festival possible. We feel blessed to have been a part of it. We really felt a part of something very special.
Lookin good in Shred Kelly garb.

Amanda Sandwich.

Gettin' Pumped on Throat Coat before our afternoon set.

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Bringin' the Waltz back.

All the amazing festival organizers. Thank you for everything you do!

The prettiest photographer in all the land.

Our good lookin merch booth. T-shirts, hats, cd's and SUNGLASSES!

Donne Roberts on the mainstage Saturday night.

Tim getting a birthday massage from Sunflower.

Starbelly Jam

What an amazing time we had. Going from South Country Fair, which knocked our socks off, then driving to Starbelly Jam was one of the best weekends this band has ever had. Thank you to all the festival volunteers and organizers at both festivals for letting us be a part of such an incredible experience!

Before the show with G-money.

The gorgeous Emma and Lenny joined us too!

Dance Party
G-Money are those some sick Shred Kelly sunglasses?
Bustin out some new tunes.
The men on the GEE-tars.

Lindsay McDirt made the mission to shake a tail feather!

Jordan gettin' sexy before the set.
Lenny getting her dance on.
Reggae Newts? What happened last night? We found Tim here on Monday morning after Starbelly Jam. Must've been good.

South Country Fair..!

Our first backstage passes!

Ballgag and Chain Gang = Amazing!

Gillian! Thank you for all your hard work and organization and letting us be a part of such an amazing and beautiful festival.

Dino and Ali of Coal Creek Boys. You are two of our favorite people! Love every minute with you both.

Summer Tour Update

Hey ALL!
We have been oh so negligent. But we have been playing our hearts out and maximizing seeing the beauty and outdoors of BC, so internet time has been few and far between. But on this beautiful sunny day in Victoria I have locked myself in an internet cafe and have sworn not to leave until some pictures have been posted, gosh darn it!

Start of Tour Wedding in Kaslo... open bar... great floral arrangements. Congrats Kelly and Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah! Just Killin it on Merch and Keeping us company in the van!

Twister at the Distillery in Calgary!

Apres Kaslo Street Shannanigans

Gang violence is high on the streets of Kaslo.