Monday, January 24, 2011

Snowseekers Television

Sometime in early December, the guys from Snowseekers came to Fernie to film an episode for their snowseekers TV show. These are the guys that held the contest that we won back in October. After playing at the Snowshow in Calgary as part of our prize, they asked us if they could use "I Hate Work" for the intro of their show. You'll might also notice a "certain someone" being profiled to represent Fernie on the big deal........

Oh you'll have to excuse me, the help has just brought me my morning coffee. Yes that's right I have help now. A butler, a few maids, a few people who make me coffee and do my laun *PPPPPPBBBBTTTT!*


*ahem*..........anyway, here is a video of my day with Dr. Pow and his camera crew. It was a lovely day full of dog sledding, snowboarding, and bingo drinking.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Four Shows.....48 Hours

That's right.....Four different shows in 48 hours. This was our weekend agenda.

The Pub Friday night - 3 hour set
Griz Bar Saturday afternoon - 3 hour set
Griz Bar Saturday night - 3 hour set
Griz Bar Sunday afternoon - 3 hour set

This is starting to feel

But I

Anyway, here is a clip of "Ghost Inside My Head" from one of our four shows this weekend chock full of fun times, bar tabs, avalanches, pineapple moshing, and naked table slides to name a few occurrences. Wait, I had it all wrong.......I LOVE WORK!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Redbull gives you claws

Its raining out there and I'm sick. My head has a second heart beat in it and my nose is like a clogged drain. When I breath in through my nose it sounds like I'm trying to force a wet tennis ball into a vacuum hose. (not that I've ever tried that.......)

Anyway aside from being sick and finding out today that I am not really a Leo, but a Cancer after all because of a wonky earth axis, I'm doing okay because today is gig day and that makes everything good. (The Pub Bar and Grill, 10:00 PM BE THERE!)

We have been editing some video footage of out epic week around the Kootenays last week and here is a video of us playing our instrumental of destruction "the speed up song" in Nelson, BC .
I think we might have all had some Redbull before the show.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tornado Alley in Nelson, BC

It was the week of all weeks for us and the good times keep on rollin'. We bought a Zoom q3hd for video taping gigs and low and behold this little thing is a thing of wonder.

This is "Tornado Alley" at the Royal on Baker in Nelson, BC which was one of our the best shows to date.

Huston....We Have a Website

*Cue theme song to "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Here it is folks. We got a "website". I hear that you can "click" on a "mouse" and make sounds and colour pictures appear.

Thank you to the wonderfully talented Julie Tremblay for conjuring up this magic for us, and to my brother, Billy, who purchased our domain name for us, because we are all but poor ski bum musicians.

Find the website at and it even comes in Canadian! (.ca)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Day Mini Tour of Awesome

So last weekend, we got the luxury of having the best few days of our life. We said goodbye to New Years Resolutions and yes to indulgence. Seriously, I ate two eggs benedict breakfast in a row, and I had hollindaise sauce on my dinner too. Talk about gluttony.
Anyway, you may think two mornings of eggs benedict would be about as good as life gets, but you would be wrong.

We topped it off with four awesome shows, a 30 cm. powder day in Revelstoke, visiting the most beautiful town in the world, Kaslo, which we may all move to because we were so captivated by it's charm, playing with the Vortex Players in Nelson (an amazing impromptou group of phenomenal Nelson talent that warmed the stage and our hearts on Friday night.), and spending hours in a sweaty van with stinky boys. Perhaps the last part was a little short of perfect, but the rest was kickass.

Seriously, thank you to everyone who we met, or ran into this past week, because you will forever be in our memory as the people we saw during the best weekend of our lives. Dare I say we got REVELSTOKED... or is it just to obvious?

Happy New Year!

Although the greeting comes a little later than we'd like, the New Year has just so rammed with activities that we haven't the chance to wish all you folks the happiest 2011. We Shreddies brought in the year right in Panorama. Despite the -30 chill we managed to rock, and snowboard. And I convinced Tim to do some cross country skiing too despite his killer hangover. Once he got his baby deer legs figured out, and after a slight run in with the frigid snow, he was skiing like the pros.
Panorama, you treated us right. We were so happy to bring in the New Year with you and we look forward to seeing you beautiful peeps in February.