Friday, January 14, 2011

Redbull gives you claws

Its raining out there and I'm sick. My head has a second heart beat in it and my nose is like a clogged drain. When I breath in through my nose it sounds like I'm trying to force a wet tennis ball into a vacuum hose. (not that I've ever tried that.......)

Anyway aside from being sick and finding out today that I am not really a Leo, but a Cancer after all because of a wonky earth axis, I'm doing okay because today is gig day and that makes everything good. (The Pub Bar and Grill, 10:00 PM BE THERE!)

We have been editing some video footage of out epic week around the Kootenays last week and here is a video of us playing our instrumental of destruction "the speed up song" in Nelson, BC .
I think we might have all had some Redbull before the show.....

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