Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Day Mini Tour of Awesome

So last weekend, we got the luxury of having the best few days of our life. We said goodbye to New Years Resolutions and yes to indulgence. Seriously, I ate two eggs benedict breakfast in a row, and I had hollindaise sauce on my dinner too. Talk about gluttony.
Anyway, you may think two mornings of eggs benedict would be about as good as life gets, but you would be wrong.

We topped it off with four awesome shows, a 30 cm. powder day in Revelstoke, visiting the most beautiful town in the world, Kaslo, which we may all move to because we were so captivated by it's charm, playing with the Vortex Players in Nelson (an amazing impromptou group of phenomenal Nelson talent that warmed the stage and our hearts on Friday night.), and spending hours in a sweaty van with stinky boys. Perhaps the last part was a little short of perfect, but the rest was kickass.

Seriously, thank you to everyone who we met, or ran into this past week, because you will forever be in our memory as the people we saw during the best weekend of our lives. Dare I say we got REVELSTOKED... or is it just to obvious?

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