Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rockwater Magic

We made it our personal mission to make the contractors in Golden, BC our stoke slaves. And stoke we did accomplish. Thank you Ryan at the Rockwater for being a wonderful host, and thank you magician James for reminding me that magic is real.....I mean REALLY real. I mean this guy made water disappear over Sage's head. I am actually sure that Sage will find it someday just floating around in magic behind her ears or something.

Don't break his pen though. He'll cut you in half with magic.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Shred Kelly, Ben Hur, and Home

It's the weekend again and that means its time to play music. Tonight its Shred Kelly at the Pub for a three hour epic and Saturday its Ben Hur at the Central as part of Banned Fest. If you don't know, Ben Hur is the epic rock outfit that our Mandolin/Guitar player Jeremy leads, and I am the drummer. There is also Ian Bolzenius on guitar. The three of us have afros. In fact, if it were not for our famale bassist Alana, we'd look like Jonas Brothers........except less Jonas Brother.....and more......awesome.......

Monday its home for the holidays before returning to the Kootenay's for a week of carnage like no other. Starting with New Years Eve in Panorama, we ring in 2011 with foot stomping greatness, followed four days later by a show at the pub for the Kokanee Ryde or Die Party, only to wake up the next day to play the Freeskiing World Tour in Revelstoke, only to wake up the next day to play the Royal on Baker in Nelson, BC, only to wake up the next day to play the Kaslo Hotel. My god man! We might actually spontaneously combust from stoke.

Ben Hur.....


The holidays are upon us and "Hark the Harold Angels Sing", let the rum and egg nog flow like golden boozy lava. And while we get together with loved ones this holiday season, we reminisce of simple times. The good times! Times when social status was based on who could finish Super Mario Bros 3, and your best friend was an E.T. doll who lit your bedroom carpet on fire with a cigarette lighter.......

Am I right?

I mean....everyone did that right??.....E.T.?...............Fire?


There I was about a month ago, booking plane tickets home to Toronto for Christmas. I got my tickets booked with a credit card online and all was good. Aside from hearing about Ontario snow drifts that eat people alive, I was in great spirits. However, two days ago my parents checked my flight itinerary online and well, turns out, instead of booking Calgary to Toronto on December 20th, I had actually booked Toronto to Calgary on December 20th instead. That's right folks. I got the destinations backwards.

And so here is a drink to my Mom and my Dad for finding my mistake via email. You both deserve a stiff drink after realizing that your youngest son is, well......special. And before you think this turns into some "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" storyline, you are wrong because a lovely Westjet representative named Sara was very understanding to my pleas of stupidity and gave me a very good stupidity rate.

And no answer your question via email, I am not on elicit drugs.

Here is a clip of what could have ensued had my father not noticed my fatal mistake in airline booking.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Shred Kelly to play the 2011 Freesking World Tour

Sorry for the lack of posting folks. Its been an interesting week. We played Lethbridge, I got sick, I got better, jam night + snowboarding, I got sick, I got better, we played a gig in Golden, I got sick, working on getting better....eeeesh. The good times are killing me.

Anyway, one good thing that emerged from this germ infested week is the news that we will be performing at the Canadian leg of the 2011 Subaru Freeskiing World Tour in Revelstoke, BC on January 6th, 2011

Oooooh snap! ...

Yeah that's what I said......Ooooooohh Snap!

*ahem* I'll say it again.....oooooooohhh Snap?

That isn't cool for people to say that anymore is it?

Last years kick off party in the Colorado......

For more info and lots of pictures of crazy shredding check

Monday, December 6, 2010


Another Monday, another day of paying the mechanic $750 for auto repairs on my 1993 Mazda MPV (ShitHawk) and mourning the passing of another iconic person from my childhood.

R.I.P. Mark Dailey

Mark Dailey was an news reporter and anchorman on Citytv's news show CityPulse throughout the 1980's to the present. He was known as the voice of the Toronto station with his iconic line "Citytv....Everywhere". I cannot tell you how many nights during my childhood I fell asleep watching Late Great Movies on Citytv with Mark Dailey's quirky narratives keeping the ball rolling before every commercial break. It just won't be the same show without him.

Stop dying iconic people from my childhood. I am starting to feel really old.

If you are from Ontario (maybe Canada?) and around my age, watch this video clip and you will understand what my typical Saturday night entailed as an awkward movie obsessed teen....*ahem* mean, popular confident AC Slater look alike teen....cause.....that's what girls liked back then..........right?

Side Note: I nearly fainted when Johnny 5 came on the screen.

Another Side Note: Readers, if you don't know who Johnny 5 is then do yourself a favor and please rent a movie called Short Circuit and go back home to the moon and watch it.....cause that's where you are from.......the moon.....because its so classic.....and awesome.......

and clearly I am old.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Friends Make Cool Things

This is the kootenay based Jah Raven Creations new film trailer titled "What's in the Fridge" which is premiering at the Vogue Theatre in Fernie tomorrow night (Dec 4th). The after party is at the always wonderful and continuous party machine, Bulldogs North. Now I don't want to tell you what happened to me when I watched this trailer for the first time, but it involved having to start a load of laundry.

Congrats Jah Raven Creations for raising the bar once again and forcing another chore into my day. I mean, Tetris.......and shredding........and glorious pow......and.... happened again.

Whats in the Fridge? A Teaser. from Jah Raven Creation on Vimeo.

The Magnificent "Magnificent 7's"

As I hear the avalanche bombs explode on ski hill yonder, I cannot help but to fathom what greatness will proceed this day as I wax thy board and sharpen thy edge and tune thy banjo to open c, for tonight we share the footlights in Lethbridge with fellow folk legends of the stoke manner, the Magnificent 7's, and tomorrow, yes tomorrow, we ride.

.....these medieval tights are huggy

Shred Kelly to help save melons (boobs)

Let's face it. We ALL love boobs. They're pretty much awesome. They come in all shapes and sizes, they feed our young, they make for great Dolly Parton jokes when passing one of these on the highway:

Heck, I'm actually sure that boobs are the sole reason that I failed grade 10 science.

But there is this unspeakable evil out there that takes boobs from us ! (Some say it also takes nards from us too *gulp* ) So when we were asked to play at a charity fundraiser on April 2nd at Norquay ski resort in Banff, Alberta called SAVE THE MELONS that raises money for breast cancer research, we were more than game. I mean, there is going to be a slopeside competition, beer gardens, entertainment (us!), raffles, 50/50 draw, and BBQ. glorious glorious BBQ.

Here is a video from last years Save the Melons event.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November In a Nut Shell

November started on Halloween at midnight and we battled dark forces. Actually, the dark side got too drunk so we shook hands and got loose.

We played with great friends

We read some educational material

Chewy got some action...rrrrrdddddddrrraaaaaaaar

I played the drums in my underwear.

We played in Montana with more great friends

A gremlin moved into Super Dave, our tour van.

We won a contest and played at the Calgary Snow Show

It snowed a little

and I grew one of these

Now that December is here, I say bbbrrrring on the rum'n'egg noggers.....infact I've been drinkin'em since midnight last night...*uuuurrrrp*......4 cartons and a 40ozer already....they're gurgling in my tummy tho..... Meeerrrrry Chr............................*uuuurrrrrrrrp*

Happy December 1st!

Begone with you hairy demon.....Begone with you back to the hell that you have grown and take your itchiness and your food crumbs and your used car salesman/Ned Flanders/creepy uncle/porn star demeanor with you....begone Demon....BEGONE!!!!!


Mo'vember is official over and all of us men can go back to having a clean upper lip, although as much as I despised the little creature that grew under my a strange way, I will miss the little guy.