Monday, September 6, 2010

Watch Out Lisbet, New Ladies in Town!

Shiner was a bit of a heart throb this summer he won the hearts of many, but mostly these two beauties. Well at least one of them. Lisbet, you know I love you, but these girls are pretty cute.

Last Show of The Tour!

For our last show of the tour we had mixed feelings. Sadness, Gladness, stokedness, overtiredness, silliness, hungriness, all combined into one strange stew.
However the feelings of uneasiness soon subsided once we entered Lydia's. From the moment we entered we knew this was the night of nights to end the tour.
Upon first entering a group of rowdy Saskatoon hooligans hooted and hollered for some tasty guitar licks. The soundman and now good friend Ian told this hooligans that it would cost them for a private show. So this group of men paid Tim and Steve $100 to play them 2 songs.
Then, we got our own band room above the bar, and after a sweaty, dancing, cherry on top of the cake show, Ian the sound man told the boys that there were a gaggle of women who wanted to buy them beer and party with them after the show. Now to most men this would be the opportunity of a lifetime (or at least as far as lifetime opportunities go at 2:30 in the morning.) Unfortunately, they're all spoken for. But there was an after party in the band room, one which Steve and I opted out of so we could catch 5:00 in the morning flights instead! Goodbye Steve. Have fun in Australia.
Saskatoon, what a hidden gem you are. Thanks Ian and Saskatoon for ending our tour with a Bing Bang.
Thank you Canada!!! See you soon!

We found Todd Gamey, and He Found a Little Gent

We happened upon a fellow Fernie-ite out for dinner at the Double Decker Tavern in Brandon Manitoba before our gig. Todd Gamey ladies and gentlemen joined us for the evening and even entered the Shred Kelly Log Driver's Waltz Dance Competition. However, as there was a shortage of women and an abundance of men he found a dancing partner in this handsome laddie. Todd Gamey come home! Share some of your bromance with us!

Falcon Lake Shred, Swim, Sauna-Fest

This night was a definite highlight. For one, we kidnapped Charlie Gibson for his miraculous harmonica abilities and general awesomeness. For two, my mother dearest came along and got jiggy with it. For three, Jesse from the Crooked brothers and the owners of Falcon Trails resort are all amazing and friendly and marvellous and amazing cooks. For four, we got a deluxe cabin all to ourselves. For five, we got to swim and sauna and have a late night cabin jam! All in all we were treated like royalty and can't think of enough ways to say thank you to everyone who was there that night. It was a magical eve.
So magical that I forgot to take any pictures. So I will leave you with this clip of Jesse and the super talented Crooked Brothers who we hope to play with one day soon... January perhaps?!

Hello Kenora!

Thank you Sally and Bob for having us play in your backyard, it was a gorgeous evening and allowed for me to see many friends and family for my 2nd time through. We have truly had the pleasure of playing in some of the most beautiful places this summer, we can't wait for the year to come. I hope their backyard becomes host to more live music acts, cause it's really amazing. Also Charlie Gibson made a guest appearance doing a backflip during the Log Driver's Waltz and joining us for a few numbers and ripping around on the harmonica! Charlie Gibson come west and join us for some more performances, you stage presence and energy enraptured us all. Miss you already Kenora.

Steve Gets Pinned

On our way east we had the pleasure of playing in Thessalon at this really neat old church turned music venue called the Auld Kirk. After 7 hours in the car and previous back pains, Steve mentioned to an accupuncturist that he was in need of some aid. And that led to a fly by the seat of the pants needling. Thanks Thessalon for coming out cause our van failed us on our first attempt, and for taking care of the health of our bandmates.

Lakefield Rainy Day Jam!

What a wonderful day we had in Lakefield. Made wonderful by the generous people of Younge's Pointe for allowing us to play on their stage, and Martha and John Vlasschaert for an amazing bbq, hospitality and generosity during the last leg of our tour. I've never eaten so many delicious sandwiches. Also to Tim's wonderful family for housing us and feeding us periodically over the summer, and driving up to Lakefield with Tim's adorable nieces to take part in the footstompin' day! You should see Darcy and Olivia sing, dance and play the ukulele to Ghost Inside My Head, they put Shred Kelly to shame.
Thanks Everyone who came out and for your support!

Shred Kelly TShirts! Making Canada Look Goooood!

What can I say. After traveling the country I came to realize that we are a fairly good looking bunch! However, the good looking-ness of our nation was made even better once a Shred Kelly T was sported!

The beautiful Darcy and Olivia.

Kenora super fan Chris and his lovely lady!

Handsome Gent at the Dakota Tavern.

Cousin Brett and his beautiful bride.

Our Newfoundland friends!

Delhi 2 Dublin!

Best Live Show Ever! I've never danced this hard in all my days. This band is completely unique and getting people moving in ways bands have never done before. Seriously amazing. We had the joy of sharing a show with them in Peterborough at the Red Dog. Tim even got to rip an impromptou banjo solo in one of their diddy's. They are a spectacular bunch. I think the boys may've also had a wee crush on the fiddle player. But who can blame em'? If they are ever in a city or town near you... GO TO THEIR SHOW. You will dance your underpants off!