Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great live show reviews!

We're pretty stoked about a few reviews we've been getting lately about our live show.  While in Windsor, Ontario in November, we played a place called The Phog Lounge.  The Phog Lounge is a great place to go catch live music and the staff there are stellar.  A bunch of amazing people from Detroit were at our show and as it turns out, they come to the Phog Lounge all the time to discover and support Canadian indy bands by blogging about them on their website.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!  Spreading the Canadian music gospel in Michigan.  And they liked us!  They liked us so much that they named us one of their top live shows of 2011 amongst the likes of The Handsome Furs,  The Rural Alberta Advantage, and Hey Rosetta!  We couldn't be happier. Thank you NORTH TO DETROIT, SOUTH TO WINDSOR.

See blog and list here

And here is a review from (HEART) ON OUR SLEAVES of our first show back in Golden, BC since opening for Elliott Brood:

"I did a show review a few months back for these guys, and nothing has changed. From Fernie, BC, Shred Kelly’s live performances have become something of legend. I can honestly say that mosh pitting at a folk show is quite uncommon, so I was stunned as I charged head first like an asshole into the ring :D. All kidding aside, it is impossible for anyone to walk into a venue and not instantly become taken away with the atmosphere the band has created. Combining the heartfelt sincerity of Mumford & Sons, and the rambunktiousness of Flogging Molly, Shred Kelly’s brand of self-appointed ’Stoke Folk’ is definitely not something to miss."


"I Hate Work" on Tourism Fernie Video!

STOKED! I love this new video from Tourism Fernie that has our song "I Hate Work" as the soundtrack. 

Shred Kelly Green Couch Sessions video is here!

It was a rainy autumn day when we descended on the great city of Vancouver.  We had just driven 10 hours over many mountain passes coming from Golden, BC after performing as the opening act for the great Elliott Brood the night before.  We had a few days in the city before our show at the Railway Club and during this time we had two things on our agenda. The first was to eat sushi...because the city of Vancouver has a lot of good sushi. The second was to meet with the wonderful people at Green Couch Sessions.  This is a wonderful group of people who make videos of bands performing somewhere in the city.  What makes their videos unique is that they capture the bands in a raw, stripped down acoustic performance in various locations around Vancouver that you would not necessarily see a band performing.

Not being from the city and with a torrential downpour of rain on our hands, we had no idea of what location we should choose for the backdrop of our video, so we went to a community center and asked someone behind a desk.  They told us that there was a really cool old manor that serves as a community retirement home just up the street.  So we met the Green Couch people on the deck of this cool old manor, but after two takes of Tornado Alley, the owners told us to leave because the foot-stomping was disturbing the tenants.  Sorry tenants!

Not satisfied with the first takes and just getting comfortable with the camera, we decided to find another location and sure enough, a park gazebo in English Bay provided an amazing shelter and backdrop.  There were no stairs up to the gazebo because it was closed for the winter so we had to hoist the couch and ourselves up over a crazy high banister.  There was evidence of people inhabiting the gazebo, but lucky for us they weren't home.  We shot two takes, I broke a banjo string, and after two takes the police came and shut us down.  We got the goods though and we couldn't be happier.

Thank you Green Couch Sessions for the amazing day. (

And here it is!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Shreddies!
I would have updated this yesterday, but I was piecing together the events of New Years Eve in a world of pain, running over my resolutions while pounding back a huge plateful of fries. Was there really a band of women dressed as men and a man wearing a tutu? Luckily, I think so. (Thanks to Blackberry Wood and Oxygen Orkestar) Thank you to Paul and the staff of the Royal on Baker in Nelson for throwing one rad New Years Eve Party.

While overindulging in fried food I had the unique opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of 2011. SO so many highs. Too many to list. So instead we'll condense that section by saying - playing many amazing shows and festivals, meeting many incredible musicians, and getting to spend time with some of the most generous people in the world who open their doors to us and endlessly support us on our musical journey. We feel so lucky to be living our dream.
For the amount of time on the road, we really have had only a few moments of pain and suffering - Tim drank some bad water, and had a beaver fever baby, we hit a antlered animal outside Saskatoon, jack-knifed the trailer, ran out of gas a few times, had a few tantrums, but all in all it was a good year.
Thank you friends, family and fans for another great year. See you in 2012!
Love, Shred Kelly.

                                                Happy New Years at The Tie Dye Ball

                                                      Blackberry Wood New Years Eve         

                          Getting our midnight kiss action on. Poor Timmy. Rough start buddy.