Saturday, July 31, 2010

Move over McNewts!

For those of you that don't know this, I'll warn you now, you probably don't want to. I'm embarrassed to even type this actually.... But here goes..... Tim and I sometimes call each other McNewts, it's a combination of McBride and Newton and we think it's quite clever. I have reason to believe (eye rolling, muffled laughter, ect) that not everyone shares this view, especially not band members who have been stuck with us for a month. But that is besides the point... The point is, we met two other couples named McTits and McBalls. Yes! I kid you not, McNewts is not even on the scale of radness anymore (if it was ever a competitor.) The gentlemen pictured below have the last names McLeod and their lovely brides are last named Titley and Ballard (or something close to that.) Which, when you push together makes McTits and McBalls! I'm so Jealous.

Congratulations McBalls (above) on the little McBalls that's currently brewing. We wish you the best! And thanks Scott from the Wellits for introducing us to these wonderful pairs!

Grumpy's Hangover

For the first time in a long time, I think all of the Shred Kelly crew has a hangover. Thanks to Ram at Grumpys and his love for whiskey shots. I think it's hard on my gag reflexes to even type the word whiskey this soon after the fact. I had a cold shower and took off for a smoothie and left the others in a sweaty mess on the floor of a Montreal apartment after a 5am jam.

Either way, Grumpys is an amazing venue and we got to play with the Wellits for their CD release party, and boy was it MAD! They are a killer killer band, and I only hope that there are some tour dates together in our future. Not only are they a spectacular band and live show (I have yet to listen to the newly released album, but I expect nothing but awesomeness.), they are also little gentlemen, now that's a band that was raised right! Buy their CD's and go to their show's, you shall not be upset!
God! We don't want to leave! So Montreal, we will definitely return in the not so distant future. Au revoir pour maintenant!

Elmdale Show

We had such a great time in Ottawa! For one, a long lost crew of Fernians emerged from the woodworks and started a noteworthy dance floor! Secondly, 4 of us had the pleasure of staying at my cousin Stephanie's and getting fed a delicious assortment of meals that has kept us full for the past 2 days. Next, we luckily met up with Laura Langford who was our guardian angel and helped make our Ottawa show a success! By her unique drum tracking skills and chauffeur abilities and general pleasant and wonderful demeanor! Thanks Laura you have been our Ontario saviour! And last but certainly not least, we had the pleasure of playing with local band One Big Smyle and touring Winnipeg band Oh My Darling. Both were spectacular and were an inspiration to share a stage with. Check them out!

Look at those gorgeous ladies! And their astounding talent and stage presence will make your jaw drop.
Also when you get home to a note like this, you know your night's gotta be good. Thank you Ottawa. See you soon(ish)?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shred Kelly In Snowboard Canada!!

Thanks to our friend Luke Godin for interviewing us for Snowboard Canada Online. Follow this link to read the article.

Rock(ed) the Casbah!

Finally, after all of our van mayhem we made it to a show! And guess who joined us. Mr. Mike Robicheau, to rip up his new guitar that he made during the month of May. What an incredible gent. We also played with a Hamilton band called 32 Gun Rack. It was their first show and most certainly not their last. They were really spectacular. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for them!

Shred Kelly's 1st Birthday!

While Tim was busy having his birthday, Shred Kelly was also sharing that special date. July 24th marks the day that Shred Kelly had their first show at the Northern. We opened for the Stables. So Happy Birthday Shred Kelly. Look at us. So young. So oblivious to the journey ahead...

Happy 21st Birthday Tim. You can now drink legally in the States!

Young buck Tim Newton turns 21. Actually no one knows his age, but based on his boyish good looks, one might assume that he could only be 21 at the very latest. We may never know.
He spent his birthday driving from 2am to 7am from Sault Ste. Marie to Richmond Hill. Now that's a birthday boy coming down from a Redbull high!
And the lucky fella got reunited with his amazing family. They have also taken us vagrants into their home and treated us like their own. Thanks so much to the Newton clan!

Goodbye Super Dave! Goodbye Sarah and Lisbet! See you soon...?

As we waved goodbye to my wonderful parents and I shed a silent tear in the backseat, I pondered when I would be reunited with the people who gave me life. I had such a great time hanging out with them that I did not want to go. And as these thoughts rolled through my head, that was when disaster struck. Some say it was a bang, others a clunk, but to this day none of us will know what really happened that hot summers day on the side of the 596 highway. All we know is that Super Dave would no longer be with us. His engine had died, and only after $2500.00 would he be with us again.

So after one long day of contemplation and a couple of cancelled shows, made easier by the indulgence of wine and beer, Jordo and Nadene came to the rescue. They offered us 4 Shreddies their Matrix to get us home for Tim's birthday and to our Southern Ontario shows! Hooray!

But they had a small price. One vehicle in exchange for two beautiful amazing merchandise girls. Muwahaha. We complied in hopes that they would one day escape the yurts with Super Dave in tow. (Who wouldn't want those two beauties... as you can see below, both my mom and I love them to bits.)

It's been a rough go. Look at what these poor girls have had to endure.
Tell those mechanics to hurry up already. The boys are not nearly as good at promoting Shred Kelly and selling merch. They stink, and though they may be cute, they're not nearly as cute as Sarah and Lisbet. And between you and me, someone needs to keep Shiner and Jordan in line.
We miss you. A million hugs to you ladies and my ma and pa. The 4 of you have saved our lives and made the tour go on. We are forever in debt. If we ever make a million, consider yourselves included in the cut!

Home Home On the Range

We got to play at my parentals yurts last weekend. Which was a serious blast. Sunny, wonderful people, very supportive crowd. We raised some money for the ski club and had a delicious barbeque, so everyone was happy! Thanks so much mom and dad for the awesome day and your amazing hospitality. It was great to be home.

Oh and thank you to The Crandall family for coming out to both Northern Ontario shows, and thanks Rob for these awesome photos of the yurtin show. We look forward to playing Sam and Kyle's wedding social next summer. Hope that Wilson fellow is on board!

If your in the North Western Ontario or Winnipeg Manitoba area and are in need of some adventure, check out

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Cactus You are the Bees Knees!

The Red Cactus has turned into one of our favorite bars to play. We've been playing a lot of evening shows and were beginning to forget about our love for sweaty footstomping crowds. The Red Cactus has re-instilled that love. What an incredible place. Lovely staff and people out on the town, great food, great location. Thanks to Uncle D and Jay for making that night possible. And even my Uncle Glenn and Aunt Helen came out to get their groove on.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shred Kelly featuring Sage McBride!

What a hilarioius sign. This is my 5 minutes of fame. The band rocked out at Shooters. Thanks everyone who came out it was so wonderful to see all my old friends! But despite the reunion things started getting crazy in there after midnight. We saw lots of ass grinding (a Shred Kelly first) and a bride getting a little too comfortable on a stripper pole. Kenora, you're crazy!

Backyard Music Festival

We made it to Winnipeg to play at Dave and Sigrid's backyard concert. We coudn't have asked for a better backdrop... river, fishermen on the dock, rowers paddling by. Only a few mosquitos (if you ask Jordan he might tell you otherwise), lots of family and old friends. Delicious burgs made by Dave, and amazing music by Rob Wadell. It was a night that none of us will forget anytime soon. Thanks to Debbie Williamson for the awesome photos.
Also, we've already forgotten that their houseguest Kachi was sent by rival bands to send away our tshirts and lock us out of the house.

Smallest Venue in the Land!

Bruno Saskatchewan. Awesome! Most unsuspecting place for there to be a great live music scene. But Tyler Brett has beaten the odds and created a scene in a town of 600. We loved it there. A crowd of 9 in a capacity of 16, we had a half packed house! Also greatest moment ever, one of the children in the community presented us with a plaque for the Performer Award in Bruno with Shred Kelly printed on it. We have never felt so honored. Although Bruno is off the beaten path, it is well worth a visit. Be sure to stop in on your next travel through Saskatchewan and pay a visit to Tyler at All Citizen's. Amazing people, amazing place!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Impromptou Lydia's Jam

We stumbled upon an open stage night at Lydia's in Saskatoon. I can't say enough about my love for this city and the kind people. Even Super Dave, named after the amazing David Bowie and his super-bness have been smiling all day LONG in Saskatoon. Check it. Saskatoon has some rad bands. One named September Long and another who's name I forget, but it was their first live performance ever and they killed it! What a fun eve. To the friends we made in Saskatoon, come check us out on August 28th at Lydia's!

Feed Us Saskatoon!

We love Saskatoon. We love it because it introduced us to our first Shred Kelly busking experience and raised us $35 for dinner! We divvied up our earnings and treated ourselves to a celebratory all you can eat sushi experience, which is arguably the best of my existence. Saskatoon is a nifty nifty city.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shred Kelly Lays An Egg

Shred Kelly has decided to raise a dinosaur baby and train it to be a musician/back up dancer. This is a contribution to science and the music world combined. What a happy family.

Sarah's 26th!

Our first on the road birthday! Celebrated with emergency stash vodka that was sure to get the birthday girl buzzing. Followed by an evening jam, and a morning thunderstorm at Elk Island National Park. I've never seen so many bison. And the commencement of the swim competition. Sarah and Shiner have a contest to see who can swim in the most lakes across the nation... I couldn't resist the urge to join. Keep posted for the winner. Also upcoming a sprint race between Shiner and Tim across the Minaki airport... or 10ft into the Minaki airport. Who will be deemed fastest man on tour? Stay tuned.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jordan Gets A Scare!

As we ate our delicious burgs at the Early Stage an older, rather intoxicated abrasive gentleman drunkenly approached us. His first request was reasonable... "Play some Oh Suzannah" he cried. I could tell by the passion in his voice and the weakness in his knees (obviously caused by passion and not overindulgence) that it was his favorite song. So we learned it. His second request, not so reasonable. "You guys married?" He asked the table at which we the band sat. "No none of us are." I replied. "Then would one of you have sex with me for $200?" We sat there stunned, surely none of us knew how to respond to such a request. "Come on," He said, "I could really use the cash."
He slugged off chuckling, while he left Jordan permanently scarred. We think he may never wipe this look off his face.

Moving to Stony Plain

Yes, we have found a second home in Stony Plain. John and Carmen Lindsay, two music guru's who have been in the industry for many years on both the promotional and performance sides of it, have been filling our brains with knowledge and our bellies with home cooked meals and beers. They took us under their wings and I think we all shed a tear as we drove away from their amazing abode in the country listening so Carmen's beautiful cowboy poetry. Yes, if you are ever in Stony Plain check out the Early Stage Saloon, it is a B-last! Also big mega thanks to Lindsay and Tim for being our Alberta mega fans and driving out to watch us 3 nights in a row and putting us up to stay for a night in their beautiful place and feeding us fresh fruit and veggies and making us coffee, printing us off directions and basically taking care of us. None of us know how we would survive without the generosity of the people we've met so far! Also big thanks to Adam, Barbara, Brandon and friends, Uncle Scott and Uncle Bradley for coming out to our shows. We love you Alberta, even if your driving scares us.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Camera

Yes I have a new way to document our travels! I'm very excited. Gee is it fun! I will try and select only the finest to share with you folks. We head east tomorrow, so the excitement is just about to begin!!!

Happy Birthday Emma!

Because we will be on tour on your actual day of birth, allow us to send you a birthday wish via blog. One that will last til the end of time. Have fun in Aus! We miss you already. You too Lenster. Come back bigger and smilier and cuter!

Panorama Hoe Down

Shred Kelly decided to go Western. We decided because Newton has such a convincing Clint Eastwood Western scowl.
Whoops. Perhaps not so convincing. It needed a bit of work.
And Because Shiner loves the Village People.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shred Kelly is Like a Double Rainbow

Yes. It feels this amazing. Thanks Kat for guiding me to this magical place. Rainbow dude, you're our hero.

Optimus Prime Performs with Shred Kelly

I believe only once in a lifetime will we have the privilege to perform with Optimus Prime. The famed movie star has recently been spotted in Fernie, and we are honored to the share the stage with this hero!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just Tuning In

If you're just tuning in to our day old blog, perhaps you'd like to take a gander at where the magic of our album Goodbye July took place. The magnificent Greg Grant had us at his strawbale solar powered recording studio in Montana to record 7 out of our 11 tracks. What a rad place and a nifty fellow. Check it! And take some advice from this fellow, if we all adopted a little bit of his genius we could make the world a better place.

My life in an off-the-grid solar powered pyramid from liquidgirl on Vimeo.

Jaffary Pubness

Jaffary! What a fun shake up! With 3 beautiful merchandise ladies working the room they had people buying shirts 2 at a time! Thanks to Lindsay, Sarah and Lisbet for being so wonderful and making our merch table look good. All the Kootenay folk were joining us on the dance floor, the only people who couldn't be persuaded were a few out of towners in escalades who informed Lindsay that they wished we were Usher. Well our moves are not nearly as good as Ushers. And our side bangs aren't nearly as hot as Justin Bieber's (Usher and Little Beebs are like peanut butter and jam, you can't mention one without giving a shout out to the other.)... so out of towners... this one's for you.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Golden Lake Jam

Shred Lenny

Honorable Shreddie. Little Lenster is Shred Kelly's smallest fan. She is the owner of the world's smallest Shred Kelly Shirt. At only 1 month old, she is foot stompin like the best of em!

Soup du Jour du Canada!

What a glorious Canada Day Celebration. Fernie really stepped up their Canada Day festivities.
Featuring more local talent than ever, Ocean and Kathy Whalen, Heather Macdonald, the Kootenay River Boys, The Rust of Us, Flirty Urge, The Arcade Files, Tim Hus and us Shreddies, it was a rockin day! And, kudos to the city of fernie, they brought in an amazing Vancouver ska band Los Furios to get Fernie dancing harder than ever before. Bloody awesome. I love daytime festivals, dancing kids are way cuter than boozed adults. And what a market! Check it out in Fernie at Rotary Park on Sunday's, the local craftiness is really spectacular. Photos taken by the mega talented Kevin MacIssac!

Kootenay Vacay!

I say vacay because the past few days spent romping around the east kootenay's has felt more like a vacation than work. Delicious meals from delicious restaurants, an extravagant night at Pierre's luxury Slocan Valley cottage in which we decided to change our last names to Dupont and become his children, and beautiful sunshiney kootenay weather in which we all got a little more tanned and better looking. Yes it's been good so far. If the Kootenay's is any indication as to how the rest of our summer is going to go, than bring it on! Mega thanks to the Rockwater in Golden, the weddingers, The Royal in Nelson, Sleep is for Sissies in Winlaw and the Snoring Sasquatch of Creston. You have tickled our toes with kindness and left us wanting more.

The CD's Are In!

Finally the day had come. The CD's were recorded, designed, printed, sent and all done on time. We even crossed the Canadian/US border with 1000 cd's and a mini synth with no hassle. They just took our word that we were telling the truth about our cd's and not smuggling illicit drugs into our nation. I think when Tim shaves he looks more trustworthy. So we hit up Rossland on our first night with our prized discs to what was one of the most welcoming and amazing shows we've ever played. People in Rossland sure know how to treat people like gold. We are still grinning from ear to ear with how wonderful the town of Rossland is and what amazing people Tim and Gab from the Red Room are. We look forward to heading back there in the fall!
The night after our night of luxury at the Prestige in Rossland (we were getting a little too cozy and tricked into thinking that being a musician might really be the way to go) we went back to Fernie for our CD release party! Jeebus. After one spaghetti feast, a few celebratory drinks, a sold out show and a few unfit swimsuit clad bodies later we deemed the CD release party a success and can't say thank you enough to all the Fernie support. Rock on Fernie!