Friday, July 2, 2010

The CD's Are In!

Finally the day had come. The CD's were recorded, designed, printed, sent and all done on time. We even crossed the Canadian/US border with 1000 cd's and a mini synth with no hassle. They just took our word that we were telling the truth about our cd's and not smuggling illicit drugs into our nation. I think when Tim shaves he looks more trustworthy. So we hit up Rossland on our first night with our prized discs to what was one of the most welcoming and amazing shows we've ever played. People in Rossland sure know how to treat people like gold. We are still grinning from ear to ear with how wonderful the town of Rossland is and what amazing people Tim and Gab from the Red Room are. We look forward to heading back there in the fall!
The night after our night of luxury at the Prestige in Rossland (we were getting a little too cozy and tricked into thinking that being a musician might really be the way to go) we went back to Fernie for our CD release party! Jeebus. After one spaghetti feast, a few celebratory drinks, a sold out show and a few unfit swimsuit clad bodies later we deemed the CD release party a success and can't say thank you enough to all the Fernie support. Rock on Fernie!

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