Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodbye Super Dave! Goodbye Sarah and Lisbet! See you soon...?

As we waved goodbye to my wonderful parents and I shed a silent tear in the backseat, I pondered when I would be reunited with the people who gave me life. I had such a great time hanging out with them that I did not want to go. And as these thoughts rolled through my head, that was when disaster struck. Some say it was a bang, others a clunk, but to this day none of us will know what really happened that hot summers day on the side of the 596 highway. All we know is that Super Dave would no longer be with us. His engine had died, and only after $2500.00 would he be with us again.

So after one long day of contemplation and a couple of cancelled shows, made easier by the indulgence of wine and beer, Jordo and Nadene came to the rescue. They offered us 4 Shreddies their Matrix to get us home for Tim's birthday and to our Southern Ontario shows! Hooray!

But they had a small price. One vehicle in exchange for two beautiful amazing merchandise girls. Muwahaha. We complied in hopes that they would one day escape the yurts with Super Dave in tow. (Who wouldn't want those two beauties... as you can see below, both my mom and I love them to bits.)

It's been a rough go. Look at what these poor girls have had to endure.
Tell those mechanics to hurry up already. The boys are not nearly as good at promoting Shred Kelly and selling merch. They stink, and though they may be cute, they're not nearly as cute as Sarah and Lisbet. And between you and me, someone needs to keep Shiner and Jordan in line.
We miss you. A million hugs to you ladies and my ma and pa. The 4 of you have saved our lives and made the tour go on. We are forever in debt. If we ever make a million, consider yourselves included in the cut!

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