Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elmdale Show

We had such a great time in Ottawa! For one, a long lost crew of Fernians emerged from the woodworks and started a noteworthy dance floor! Secondly, 4 of us had the pleasure of staying at my cousin Stephanie's and getting fed a delicious assortment of meals that has kept us full for the past 2 days. Next, we luckily met up with Laura Langford who was our guardian angel and helped make our Ottawa show a success! By her unique drum tracking skills and chauffeur abilities and general pleasant and wonderful demeanor! Thanks Laura you have been our Ontario saviour! And last but certainly not least, we had the pleasure of playing with local band One Big Smyle and touring Winnipeg band Oh My Darling. Both were spectacular and were an inspiration to share a stage with. Check them out!

Look at those gorgeous ladies! And their astounding talent and stage presence will make your jaw drop.
Also when you get home to a note like this, you know your night's gotta be good. Thank you Ottawa. See you soon(ish)?

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