Friday, July 2, 2010

Kootenay Vacay!

I say vacay because the past few days spent romping around the east kootenay's has felt more like a vacation than work. Delicious meals from delicious restaurants, an extravagant night at Pierre's luxury Slocan Valley cottage in which we decided to change our last names to Dupont and become his children, and beautiful sunshiney kootenay weather in which we all got a little more tanned and better looking. Yes it's been good so far. If the Kootenay's is any indication as to how the rest of our summer is going to go, than bring it on! Mega thanks to the Rockwater in Golden, the weddingers, The Royal in Nelson, Sleep is for Sissies in Winlaw and the Snoring Sasquatch of Creston. You have tickled our toes with kindness and left us wanting more.

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