Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jordan Gets A Scare!

As we ate our delicious burgs at the Early Stage an older, rather intoxicated abrasive gentleman drunkenly approached us. His first request was reasonable... "Play some Oh Suzannah" he cried. I could tell by the passion in his voice and the weakness in his knees (obviously caused by passion and not overindulgence) that it was his favorite song. So we learned it. His second request, not so reasonable. "You guys married?" He asked the table at which we the band sat. "No none of us are." I replied. "Then would one of you have sex with me for $200?" We sat there stunned, surely none of us knew how to respond to such a request. "Come on," He said, "I could really use the cash."
He slugged off chuckling, while he left Jordan permanently scarred. We think he may never wipe this look off his face.

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