Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moving to Stony Plain

Yes, we have found a second home in Stony Plain. John and Carmen Lindsay, two music guru's who have been in the industry for many years on both the promotional and performance sides of it, have been filling our brains with knowledge and our bellies with home cooked meals and beers. They took us under their wings and I think we all shed a tear as we drove away from their amazing abode in the country listening so Carmen's beautiful cowboy poetry. Yes, if you are ever in Stony Plain check out the Early Stage Saloon, it is a B-last! Also big mega thanks to Lindsay and Tim for being our Alberta mega fans and driving out to watch us 3 nights in a row and putting us up to stay for a night in their beautiful place and feeding us fresh fruit and veggies and making us coffee, printing us off directions and basically taking care of us. None of us know how we would survive without the generosity of the people we've met so far! Also big thanks to Adam, Barbara, Brandon and friends, Uncle Scott and Uncle Bradley for coming out to our shows. We love you Alberta, even if your driving scares us.

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  1. Awesome show!!! We had SUCH a great time...despite the expired Guinness....