Saturday, July 31, 2010

Move over McNewts!

For those of you that don't know this, I'll warn you now, you probably don't want to. I'm embarrassed to even type this actually.... But here goes..... Tim and I sometimes call each other McNewts, it's a combination of McBride and Newton and we think it's quite clever. I have reason to believe (eye rolling, muffled laughter, ect) that not everyone shares this view, especially not band members who have been stuck with us for a month. But that is besides the point... The point is, we met two other couples named McTits and McBalls. Yes! I kid you not, McNewts is not even on the scale of radness anymore (if it was ever a competitor.) The gentlemen pictured below have the last names McLeod and their lovely brides are last named Titley and Ballard (or something close to that.) Which, when you push together makes McTits and McBalls! I'm so Jealous.

Congratulations McBalls (above) on the little McBalls that's currently brewing. We wish you the best! And thanks Scott from the Wellits for introducing us to these wonderful pairs!

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