Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vote for Fish On CBC Radio 3!

Hey friends family and fans! We are in a contest to be on a Nationally released compilation CD called David Suzuki's Playlist for the Planet. It is a CD composed of environmental songs by Canadian artists and we want our song Fish to be on it! But we need your help. So go to this link
Also we're under the BC category and it's in alphabetical order, so you might need to scroll for a bit but then you shall see Fish by Shred Kelly. Oh and you need to be a member, so sign up!
Thanks so much everyone. Wish us luck! We've got some stiff competition, word on the street is Raffi is a competitor, and who doesn't love Raffi?

Anywho, check out this video of David Suzuki rocking out and then vote!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steve's collection of Gig Stoke Photos!

Hard Luck Fun!

We played the Hard luck Bar last night with a great band from Oshawa Ontario. The Harvest Conspiracy! They rocked the house and were one of the nicest and most friendly bands we've met on tour. We're trying hard to lure them to BC so we can hang out with them all the time.

Dakota Tavern!

We had an awesome 1st show in Toronto at the Legendary Dakota Tavern. Friends and family from all over came out to join the festivities.

Look at all those cuties (above).We also played with the lovely Serena Jean and had a serious serious blast! Dakota Tavern, thank you for having air conditioning. Not only are you a rad rad venue, but you also kept us cool (ish). Actually, judging by Tim's shirt (pictured below) maybe that's not entirely true.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Impromptou Quebec City Gig!

Thanks to Luke from Mercy the Sexton for getting us in touch with Sam and Sebastian with p572 records. We did a 10 hour drive from Halifax to Quebec City and we're so happy we did. It was awesome to play outdoors on a wooden stage with stars in the sky, and I got to brush up on my french un petit peu. And we got to see the lovely Julie Tremblay! Quebec City what an unexpected treat you were!

Halifax Yo!

Halifax. Neat city. Beautiful Surrounding area. Thank you to the wonderful and hilarious BA Johnston for lining us up a show at Gus's pub with the Grass. You are awesome...both of yous!
We had the pleasure of playing with BA on St. Paddy's Day in Fernie.
Check out his vid... caution.... some parts of this video may offend the easily offended.

Beautiful Sights

Gros Morne National Park
Cape Breton Island

Halifax surrounding areas (Peggy's cove)
have been some of the most breathtaking places on this tour.
Go to them too.
Also take note... the pictures of Cape Breton and Peggy's Cove were not taken by me but found online in image search. The source I don't know... but I can't be sued because I am not taking credit... right?

The Girls Are Back!

They've actually been back for a while... but like I said earlier, St. John's fed me too much fun to spend my time on the computer. So although this heartwarming moment was captured in Montreal, I have had yet to share it. This is love. This is me capturing the bless-ed moment that females joined us on tour again (thank the heavens).... and this photo doubles as a giant air hug to the ladies. I am the happiest of all that you returned safely.

If you take note above it looks like Jeremy is going in for a hug with Steve... being the only two Shreddies without girlfriends on tour, they have formed a love all of their own.

We Made it To the Most Eastern Point of Canada!

Check out the gang at the most Eastern point in Canada. Go travelling!

Check Out These Sweet Bands!

The best part of being on tour is being able to hear amazing music all the time and then have the pleasure of rocking out to them while we drive thousands of kilometers across the country!
To all of you Newfoundlanders we had the luxury of playing with, please let us do it again soon.

Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds

We love you little guys! Hopefully we'll play some shows with you in the fall when you venture towards BC!!!

Also check out...

Also big thanks to Luke from Mercy for being awesome and giving us some more contacts for our journeys.

Benjamin Rigby (clawhammer master!!)
Joe Belly and the Sin City Ramblers
also the Panting brothers... but you'll have to be more savvy than me on the compute to track their page down... I can't seem to find it... but they're awesome too!

You guys all rocked our socks off... St. John's is a very musical city and we were thankful to be in the presence of such an abundance of talent!
Rock on!

Congratulations Claire and Bill!

What an amazing time we had playing Shiner's sister's wedding. Newfoundlanders know how to throw a sweet party! We wish you a big giant Shred Kelly style congratulations! Thank you so much for being so welcoming and so amazing! Rick, wait to rock the kilt! Rick Rick Rick Rick!

Our East Coast Managers!

Meet Rick Page and Susan Shiner. Parents of Ian Page Shiner, the little gentlemen that you sometimes see wailing on the sweetest drumkit in the world. Rick and Susan made our Newfoundland portion of the tour possible and we are forever in debt to them. Not only did they book us 3 shows and a wedding for their lovely daughter Claire, but they also housed us and showed us the city like we've never seen a city before. Also, they stayed up every night with us whilst organizing a wedding and getting us sweet tickets to the folk festival. Honestly we could not have done it without them and we can't wait to be back in Newfoundland in the near future. And for those of you who haven't made the journey to the east... DO IT. You will have the time of your life.

Don't tell Rick and Susan, but we even kept their parking pass so we always have a spot on their street!

I Blame St. John's

I like to take responsibility for my actions on most occasions, but in this case I blame St. John's for my lack of time spent blogging and general lack of keeping in touch via interweb. Y'see it all started about a week and a half ago in Newfoundland.....

Basically, this suave man drinking wine on the ferry to Newfoundland (out of the bottle like most classy men do)....

Quickly transformed into this.....

That picture sequence sums up St. John's in a nutshell. It was the best of times, it was the latest of times. I honestly ate dinner at 5:00 in the morning one night at a restaurant that was ram packed with other late nighters like ourselves. It was delicious and awesome, and St. John's is a gorgeous and wonderful place, filled with generous and rowdy folk. Although we may not remember 50% of our time there... we have reason to believe that it was filled with greatness!