Monday, August 16, 2010

Check Out These Sweet Bands!

The best part of being on tour is being able to hear amazing music all the time and then have the pleasure of rocking out to them while we drive thousands of kilometers across the country!
To all of you Newfoundlanders we had the luxury of playing with, please let us do it again soon.

Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds

We love you little guys! Hopefully we'll play some shows with you in the fall when you venture towards BC!!!

Also check out...

Also big thanks to Luke from Mercy for being awesome and giving us some more contacts for our journeys.

Benjamin Rigby (clawhammer master!!)
Joe Belly and the Sin City Ramblers
also the Panting brothers... but you'll have to be more savvy than me on the compute to track their page down... I can't seem to find it... but they're awesome too!

You guys all rocked our socks off... St. John's is a very musical city and we were thankful to be in the presence of such an abundance of talent!
Rock on!

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