Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Great live show reviews!

We're pretty stoked about a few reviews we've been getting lately about our live show.  While in Windsor, Ontario in November, we played a place called The Phog Lounge.  The Phog Lounge is a great place to go catch live music and the staff there are stellar.  A bunch of amazing people from Detroit were at our show and as it turns out, they come to the Phog Lounge all the time to discover and support Canadian indy bands by blogging about them on their website.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!  Spreading the Canadian music gospel in Michigan.  And they liked us!  They liked us so much that they named us one of their top live shows of 2011 amongst the likes of The Handsome Furs,  The Rural Alberta Advantage, and Hey Rosetta!  We couldn't be happier. Thank you NORTH TO DETROIT, SOUTH TO WINDSOR.

See blog and list here

And here is a review from (HEART) ON OUR SLEAVES of our first show back in Golden, BC since opening for Elliott Brood:

"I did a show review a few months back for these guys, and nothing has changed. From Fernie, BC, Shred Kelly’s live performances have become something of legend. I can honestly say that mosh pitting at a folk show is quite uncommon, so I was stunned as I charged head first like an asshole into the ring :D. All kidding aside, it is impossible for anyone to walk into a venue and not instantly become taken away with the atmosphere the band has created. Combining the heartfelt sincerity of Mumford & Sons, and the rambunktiousness of Flogging Molly, Shred Kelly’s brand of self-appointed ’Stoke Folk’ is definitely not something to miss."


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