Monday, September 6, 2010

Falcon Lake Shred, Swim, Sauna-Fest

This night was a definite highlight. For one, we kidnapped Charlie Gibson for his miraculous harmonica abilities and general awesomeness. For two, my mother dearest came along and got jiggy with it. For three, Jesse from the Crooked brothers and the owners of Falcon Trails resort are all amazing and friendly and marvellous and amazing cooks. For four, we got a deluxe cabin all to ourselves. For five, we got to swim and sauna and have a late night cabin jam! All in all we were treated like royalty and can't think of enough ways to say thank you to everyone who was there that night. It was a magical eve.
So magical that I forgot to take any pictures. So I will leave you with this clip of Jesse and the super talented Crooked Brothers who we hope to play with one day soon... January perhaps?!

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