Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Show of The Tour!

For our last show of the tour we had mixed feelings. Sadness, Gladness, stokedness, overtiredness, silliness, hungriness, all combined into one strange stew.
However the feelings of uneasiness soon subsided once we entered Lydia's. From the moment we entered we knew this was the night of nights to end the tour.
Upon first entering a group of rowdy Saskatoon hooligans hooted and hollered for some tasty guitar licks. The soundman and now good friend Ian told this hooligans that it would cost them for a private show. So this group of men paid Tim and Steve $100 to play them 2 songs.
Then, we got our own band room above the bar, and after a sweaty, dancing, cherry on top of the cake show, Ian the sound man told the boys that there were a gaggle of women who wanted to buy them beer and party with them after the show. Now to most men this would be the opportunity of a lifetime (or at least as far as lifetime opportunities go at 2:30 in the morning.) Unfortunately, they're all spoken for. But there was an after party in the band room, one which Steve and I opted out of so we could catch 5:00 in the morning flights instead! Goodbye Steve. Have fun in Australia.
Saskatoon, what a hidden gem you are. Thanks Ian and Saskatoon for ending our tour with a Bing Bang.
Thank you Canada!!! See you soon!

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