Friday, December 17, 2010


The holidays are upon us and "Hark the Harold Angels Sing", let the rum and egg nog flow like golden boozy lava. And while we get together with loved ones this holiday season, we reminisce of simple times. The good times! Times when social status was based on who could finish Super Mario Bros 3, and your best friend was an E.T. doll who lit your bedroom carpet on fire with a cigarette lighter.......

Am I right?

I mean....everyone did that right??.....E.T.?...............Fire?


There I was about a month ago, booking plane tickets home to Toronto for Christmas. I got my tickets booked with a credit card online and all was good. Aside from hearing about Ontario snow drifts that eat people alive, I was in great spirits. However, two days ago my parents checked my flight itinerary online and well, turns out, instead of booking Calgary to Toronto on December 20th, I had actually booked Toronto to Calgary on December 20th instead. That's right folks. I got the destinations backwards.

And so here is a drink to my Mom and my Dad for finding my mistake via email. You both deserve a stiff drink after realizing that your youngest son is, well......special. And before you think this turns into some "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" storyline, you are wrong because a lovely Westjet representative named Sara was very understanding to my pleas of stupidity and gave me a very good stupidity rate.

And no answer your question via email, I am not on elicit drugs.

Here is a clip of what could have ensued had my father not noticed my fatal mistake in airline booking.

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