Monday, December 6, 2010


Another Monday, another day of paying the mechanic $750 for auto repairs on my 1993 Mazda MPV (ShitHawk) and mourning the passing of another iconic person from my childhood.

R.I.P. Mark Dailey

Mark Dailey was an news reporter and anchorman on Citytv's news show CityPulse throughout the 1980's to the present. He was known as the voice of the Toronto station with his iconic line "Citytv....Everywhere". I cannot tell you how many nights during my childhood I fell asleep watching Late Great Movies on Citytv with Mark Dailey's quirky narratives keeping the ball rolling before every commercial break. It just won't be the same show without him.

Stop dying iconic people from my childhood. I am starting to feel really old.

If you are from Ontario (maybe Canada?) and around my age, watch this video clip and you will understand what my typical Saturday night entailed as an awkward movie obsessed teen....*ahem* mean, popular confident AC Slater look alike teen....cause.....that's what girls liked back then..........right?

Side Note: I nearly fainted when Johnny 5 came on the screen.

Another Side Note: Readers, if you don't know who Johnny 5 is then do yourself a favor and please rent a movie called Short Circuit and go back home to the moon and watch it.....cause that's where you are from.......the moon.....because its so classic.....and awesome.......

and clearly I am old.

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