Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Tour Update

Hey ALL!
We have been oh so negligent. But we have been playing our hearts out and maximizing seeing the beauty and outdoors of BC, so internet time has been few and far between. But on this beautiful sunny day in Victoria I have locked myself in an internet cafe and have sworn not to leave until some pictures have been posted, gosh darn it!

Start of Tour Wedding in Kaslo... open bar... great floral arrangements. Congrats Kelly and Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah! Just Killin it on Merch and Keeping us company in the van!

Twister at the Distillery in Calgary!

Apres Kaslo Street Shannanigans

Gang violence is high on the streets of Kaslo.


  1. Haha, Tim and Jordan look HILARIOUS. Tough guys, they are!

  2. Hey guys, so glad you could make the wedding. We had a blast, you guys rocked, everyone had a great time! BEST WEDDING EVER!

    Our sincerest thanks from Kelly and I!