Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Casbah in Hamilton

So not having very high expectations for a Tuesday night show (we've had our fair share of really dead Tuesday night shows, and as a result, Tuesday has not proven itself to be the best gigging night of the week.) But boy, you can imagine our surprise when we stumbled into the Casbah in Hamilton last night.
There were two local bands playing. 1st was Golden Horseshoe Revival, a bluegrass group from Hamilton who just killed it. They had the most beautiful harmonies I've ever heard, and I'm a sucker for a group all sharing one mic. It creates such a great stage dynamic!
Also from Hamilton was a fantastic group called The Great Lake Survival. They had such great stage energy and musicianship, and it was a pleasure to get to play with them.
Then to our immense surprise was a band from Austin Texas, who are killing it right now by the way. They are called Bright Light Social Hour, and I'll try to find a video to show you a little bit of how they knocked our socks off. I've never had my jaw drop so hard in a live performance EVER. They are all ridiculously good at what they do. The keyboard player was a keyboard ninja. I don't even know what he was doing! In all laws of music the way he mashed that keyboard should've sounded like garbage, but it sounded like a little box of honey covered magic. I remain mystified.
I hope this video in some way shows what we experienced last night.

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