Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweetwater 905 Music Festival

Having never been up to the Fort St. John area before, we were very stoked with how our visit up North went. It seems that Fort St. John is a bit like Fernie. How you ask? It seemed many of the people we met in Fort St. John and Rolla are not actually from the area, but from various parts of Canada and the world. We met some great people on our visit and had one heck of a swell time.
The Sweetwater Festival had some really great musical performances, as well as a good at home country vibe in which you become a part of the festival community during your stay. The Shred Kelly boys got to work helping out Dennis the kitchen cook preparing dinner on Saturday night. And there were many on stage musical collaborations that made this whole experience so unique. Miss Quincy got Picture the Ocean on stage with them and Iyan George one of the festival organizers graced the stage with a few different acts, bringing his banjo musical styling’s to Wax Mannequin’s evening set.
Picture the Ocean
All da boys preparing some bbq'd chicken upon our arrival!

Twin Peaks amazing set. These girls can wail and sing the most beautiful harmonies!

Wax Mannequin

Wax Mannequin all lit up.

The Mystery Cowboy yodeling outside the outhouse.

Rental vans... designed for rooftop parties.

Which way is home?
We took the stage on Saturday night, and the energy of the people there lit us up. We were all so alive playing in the dark with sun still up in parts of the night sky. We danced like it was going out of style and played one of the most energetic shows I think we've ever played.
For our final performance on Sunday we got Iyan up on stage to play Ghost Inside My Head and I Hate Work with us while Timmy played the ukulele. We had also met an incredible yodeler earlier that day, who we got up to yodel “I Hate Work” with us, and a spoons player who joined us on stage. It was one big ho-down up there, and we had the best time!
It was our second music festival of the season, and it is clear that Festival Season was off to a great start. Thank you Sweetwater!!

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