Friday, November 26, 2010

The Good Life

We have a busy weekend ahead of us full of music, faceshots (the snowy kind), travel, and good times. So busy in fact that I only have time today for one posting before the weekend takes me away to that special place, and if I stare too long, I'd probably break down and cry-ee-i-yee. Oooooooh oh-ou-woah sweet child.....*ahem*.... sorry.

G'N'Fn'R man. Gets me everytime.

So, its Shred Kelly at Bulldogs North tonight, up early for the grand opening of Fernie Alpine Resort, which by the look of things is going to be epic, and then off the Rossland to play the Red Room Lounge.

So as I peace out for a weekend of awesome, I leave you with a bunch of videos of poeple performing already awesome songs in a stoke folk manner. Guns and Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" on fiddle which made me pee a bit because its so awesome. And like the Metal Roses Tour of 1992 which my mom wouldn't let me go to because she thought I would grow horns, no G'N'R fiddle is complete with a little Metallica "One" to sweeten the pie performed with footstompin' greatness. Happy Weekend.

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