Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stoke Folk

Stoke Folk: Modern fast driven folk music that makes you Stoked!

Our dear Sarah coined the term one humid boozy evening in NFLD and here are some bands that I'd lump into that category and with whom we have either played with, or will be playing with in the near future. Unfortunately I can't name one of them cause its only a rumor/not-in-stone/highly-classified/theydontevenknowyetsoshutyo'mouth kind of thing, but they rhyme with Smelliot Nude.

The Magnificent 7's from Winnipeg (December 3rd in Lethbridge at the Owl Lounge)

Larry and His Flask from Oregon, USA (April 3rd in Fernie at Bulldogs North)

The Wellits from Montreal (opened for them in Montreal last summer)

The Stables from Oshawa, Ontario (opened for them in Fernie)

Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds from St. Johns (opened for them in Newfoundland)

Broken Down Suitcase from Golden, BC (future date to be announced)

The Tuques from Rossland, BC (Blizzard Fest Rossland, BC Jan 38 - 30th)

The Harvest Conspiracy from Toronto (opened for us in Toronto)

Do your ears a favour, turn off your Beibers and your Nicklesacks, copy/paste these bands into your search engine and get your stoke folk on. I hear it cures indigestion and rashes. Just check out Larry and His Flask and you might even gyrate off the couch uncontrollably. I think that show is going hurt so so good.

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