Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Timmy Land

Dear Shreddernauts,

Tim here of Shred Kelly fame. I have been designated to help keep this blog continuous and awesome by sharing my daily thoughts. I mean lets face it. There is only so much a band can write about on a daily basis having to do with themselves. I mean, I know we're awesome, but our awesome can cure cancer and feed the hungry only so much. Sure I sleep, eat and exercise (100 one armed push ups before breakfast per day no big deal) like any other, but lets not get into details. So I officially welcome you to the inner chambers of my mind. This magical place has been described by many as "Timmy Land" or "Banjo Land" Few have entered and returned the same person.

They have been..........changed.....................................with awesome.

I cannot think of a better way to christen the debut of my (soon to be award winning) internet publishing career with a video that raises the serotonin levels in my complex brain to a new level by displaying two things that are nothing short of awesome: Star Wars and Banjo. And while many terrestrial wars rage on around our own planet, I want to thank mrtrainfanatic for reminding us all, as his shirt boldly pronounces, that everyone needs to be a little more of a chillaholic.

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