Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shred Kelly to play at Blizzard Fest 2011 in Rossland, BC

Wha' chew lookin' at Rossland? What's that? You think my mother is a WHAT?? Ooohh you wanna dance hombre?!! Don't you know I'm LOCO?!! You wanna take this outside??? What's that?? You would but you are too scared of my enormous pecks??!!! Ooohhh you want some of THIS??! What's that?? Blizzard Fest? Oh............why didn't you just say so?

is how it went down in my head.

Shred Kelly has been given the honor of performing at the 2011 Blizzard Fest in Rossland BC taking place from January 28th to the 30th.

From the Tourism Rossland website:

The 4th Annual Blizzard Mountain Music Festival has invited some of Canada’s best live acts to come perform during Rossland’s famous Winter Carnival. Local rock band and Blizzard organizers The Tuques have hand picked over twelve acts to help cool down the alpine city over three days of winter carnival festivities and musical freeze. The Blizzard’s mandate is to promote original Canadian music ranging in styles and instrumentation while providing the audience with an authentic live concert setting. Two stages and multiple acts each night complemented by professional sound and lights provided by one of BC‘s top production company, Hairy Productions.

This is great because a) It is our first winter festival b) Rossland has a sick ski hill which we will shred c) I finally get to meet the mighty Tuques whom are awesome d) an electric banjo playing Sasquatch will be there. It don't get better than that!

Side note: The press release jpeg above is dated 2008 which I can only assume was posted by ski bums who just got dumped on with 80 cms of snow in three days proclaiming "80 cms of fresh! Use the old one dude!! Lets go!!"

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